Camp Yuppie Puppy


This is a list of the most frequently asked questions here at Camp Yuppie Puppy



What Shots are required?


We require that Rabies vaccinations, administered by a licensed veterinarian, are up to date through the length of your petís stay.


We currently recommend that Bordatella vaccines be administered every six months. We also ask that you do not have it given to your dog during the two week period prior to arriving at Camp Yuppie Puppy. The vaccine is a live virus vaccine. Recently vaccinated dogs can demonstrate mild flu-like symptoms, including coughing. Since the virus is an airborne virus, it can possibly cause other dogs to develop these same symptoms during this period.



There has been a lot of discussion among veterinarians in recent years about the effective period of these vaccinations. In the past, these vaccinations have routinely been administered on a yearly basis. In recent years, however, some clinical information has shown that they can be effective for periods exceeding three years. At the current time, we require that the vaccinations be administered yearly OR that you veterinarian specifies another interval of time for your pet.



We require up to date feline leukemia vaccinations through the length of your petís stay.


Can I bring my own bedding?

We ask owners not to bring their own bedding. We supply bedding for our campers in the form of sheepskins, blankets, etc. Bedding is washed on a daily basis, as necessary for odor and disease control, and often gets mixed up in the laundry, not always making it back to the same camper. We do, however, encourage owners to bring toys (which do not represent a choking hazard) and /or other small items with the scent of home for their petsí comfort and enjoyment. In addition, waterproof Koranda dog cots are available in 4 sizes for rent or sale.


Will you administer medications?

We will administer most medications for a nominal fee (see Rates & Reservations).


Can I bring my own food?

Yes. You may bring your own food, but we ask that it be in clearly marked, water proof containers, individually portioned for each feeding. We do not have the room to store large bags of food for individual pets. We recommend individual zip lock baggies for dry foods and snacks. There is no extra charge at this time for this service.


What is Canine Cough?

 We will be updating this question shortly with links to other sources of information. Please check back.


What about older or younger pets?

We do our best to separate our older campers, as well as our younger campers. This allows them to get the rest they need and not to be intimidated by larger and possibly noisier campers.


Can we take a tour?

We are very proud of our facilities and we want people to see them. We donít want to do that at the expense of our campers though. Most dogs and cats like to take naps at regular times during the day. The pets are accustomed to our staff members coming and going during the course of the day, but visitors can cause a bit of a commotion. So, in an effort to make your petís stay more peaceful and pleasant, we try to limit the hours when we give tours. We usually try to give tours after Check-out hours and cleaning is completed. We would appreciate it if you would give us a call a little bit in advance to make sure that someone will be available to show you around. Thanks for your cooperation.