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The Spa at Camp Yuppie Puppy offers a balance of science and nature to help every camper look and feel like the very special pet that they are. The Spa  develops  treatment packages customized to meet your pet's individual needs. We believe that our highly trained professional staff, using state of the art equipment and the very best shampoos and conditioners available, is able to produce results that you will find in no any other area grooming shop. What makes us different? Naturally, we do all the usual bathing and clipping that you expect to find in a grooming shop, but in addition we are able to offer additional specialized treatments like the ones listed below.

Remember, all the shampoos and conditioners that we use here are available for sale in our shop so that you can continue caring for you pet at home in between grooming appointments.


Does you pet leave large quantities of unwanted hair all over you house. We can help! This is by far one of our most popular treatments. Your Camper will be bathed and their coat will be treated with a special conditioner which helps heal and smooth the individual hairs. Once they are smooth, we will use specialized tools to help loosen and remove the majority of the undercoat and loose hair. This will be followed by combing with special rakes and combs made specifically for removing the remaining undercoat and dead hair that you find all over your house. This treatment will not stop all the shedding in your house but with regular care should stop the overwhelming majority of it. There are other deshedding treatments advertised under names like Shed-X and Furminator, but we feel that the system we use is by far the most effective. Try it. You will be glad you did.



Does your white pet have dark stains under the eyes like the one shown here? If so we have a treatment that should make a major improvement within a month.


We recommend frequent brushing and combing of your pet's coat to prevent mats from forming in the first place. But many times mats in your pet's coat can go unnoticed. Mats can not only be very uncomfortable for you pet, but they can be the source of odors and skin conditions which can be very bad for your camper's health and well being. In our DEMATTING TREATMENT we use a special dematting conditioner to help loosen the mats and then special dematting rakes to help cut through the mats. This can be a time consuming process but is successful in the majority of cases. In severe cases, however, the only remedy is to shave the coat below the mats. This again is why we recommend frequent brushing and combing as well as the use of the proper shampoos and conditioners to help maintain a healthy coat in between grooming appointments.


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